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Sleek, Powerful and Bold

Designed for travelers and adventure-seekers, the Jetour X95 radiates a family-oriented aesthetic and high-quality of life due to its sizable design. Its stylish and sporty visual matches its capability to give its passengers the ultimate driving experience. It has a high-strength cage body and multi-link independent suspension that secures the safety of its passengers. The Jetour X95 is perfect for people who enjoy adventure and immersing themselves in nature through long and out of city drives, and always on the go for a challenging off-road drive.

Vehicle Dimension
Length of 4875mm Exceeding peer products and expanding interior space. Width of 1925mm Exceeding peer products and offering spacious and flexible body.Track of 1600/1595mm Exceeding peer products and offering better maneuverability and stability.
360 Degree high Definition Parking System
Full vehicle 360° panoramic image system, with reversing image function, four high-definition wide-angle camera, the irradiated area is larger, wider, achieve full parking, and the camera can identify pedestrians and other obstacles.
Hands Free Liftgate
When the key is with the person, the tail gate can be easily open by sweeping your leg to activate the sensor, meanwhile the opening angle is adjustabl
Ultra-wide Panoramic Sunroof
The 1.1 m2 ultra-wide-field panorama sunroof ensures the broad vision, enough day lighting, good ventilation and beautiful appearance. It is practical and healthy, not only freeing you from worry about long-distance travel without natural wind, but enabling you to enjoy the cozy time when the sun shines into the car. Enjoy a better life all the way!
New Generation Engine
The JETOUR vehicles comes with a 1.6TGDI engine capable of 197bhp and 290Nm of torque, meanwhile, an efficient 7 speed Dual Clutch Transmission is equipped with these machines. Having this Jetour engines provides a smooth and responsive drive.
The multi-link independent suspension
The multi-link suspension not only ensures the ride comfort, but also improves the tire adhesion due to the large number of links. It plays an important role in the driving comfort and stability of the car, and has become an excellent partner for JETOUR.
LED tail lights
LED tail lights is easily recognized, lighting up faster and longer lifetime Top high-position brake light composed of 12 LED lights is of more eyes-catching force High frequency blinkers can more effectively warn vehicles behind
High safety factor EPB+AUTOHOLD

The intelligent AUTOHOLD function allows the rear wheel to be automatically braked when the vehicle is stopped at a red light or parked on an uphill or downhill slope. The driver won’t have to step on the brake all the time to keep the car still even if the automatic transmission is in D-mode. The Auto Hold function will be activated as soon as the “AUTOHOLD” button is pressed, and a gentle step on the accelerator will release the brake. This smart feature completely dispels the worry of hill-start sliding.



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