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Jetour T-X- The rivaling Off Roader

Jetour T-X

Jetour is a name that has become common among the myriad of Car Brands in UAE. With its exceptional yet cost-effective luxurious vehicles such as the Jetour X90 and X70, the automobile manufacturer has been a hit. Launched by Cherry automobiles  back in 2018, Jetour is a premium SUV brand. It was established with the sole purpose of providing affordable SUVs and compact luxury cars that offer a high-end feel. To continue their journey with this goal, the brand introduced an SUV called the T-X, earlier this year. This tough SUV is the first of their new range titled Travel+2.0 or the T-X series. The concept of the T-X was launched in a night event which was held in Fuzhou, China, in January 2022. Let us find out more about this car.

Design of the T-X

The car is made with a retro style in mind. Such a style has been in the vogue lately as evident in the Ford Bronco or the Tank 300, launched in 2021 and 2022. With an emphasis on a good cost-benefit relationship, Jetour has made the impossible possible by launching powerful yet affordable cars. Undoubtedly, it has become the best choice for buyers looking for new cars in the UAE. The T-X merges a popular retro design with modern features to give comfort while being fashionable.

 The front of the T-X is an evocative sight, with its imposing high roof, gold accents, and firm lines. The sides are no less noticeable. The fenders jut out nostalgically and the vehicle itself has a rigid “square” silhouette. These dated design elements are balanced with modern facets of the structure such as its LED light strips. The T-X SUV comes with a distinctive pair of headlights that form a “+” shape to commemorate the Travel+2.0 range. The headlights also pay homage to the Chinese cultural symbol of lanterns with their stocky outline. The brand name Jetour is also illuminated in this LED panel. Despite the quirky headlight designs, the lightning aspect is not a letdown. The adventurous design also sports black pillars, boxy fenders, and A/T tires. Below the headlights, the Jetour T-X sports a wide fender, reminiscent of the retro designs. This dashing car is expected to have a length of 4.6 to 5 meters. The T-X borrows design elements from the renowned land Rover Defender, such as its rear end and the glasshouse. 

One of the best car brands in the UAE, Jetour, has proven its mettle with the structure of the T-X. The sides of the car are devoid of pointless flashiness and use straight lines. The wheelbase is close to the sides to allow for better field passability. The T-X has an enchanting roof with LED lights and a straightforward posterior end. It also incorporates a mounted spare tire design along with its dated structural rims.

Performance and price range

The Jetour T-X SUV cars are expected to fall into a range of 1.0T, 2.0T, and 3.0T fuel, hybrid, and electric versions. The T-X incorporates the newly developed Kunlun architecture engineered by Chery automobiles. The vehicle also makes use of its Kunpeng plug-in hybrid powertrain while driving. It can be expected to cover a distance of 1,000 kilometres at a fuel consumption rate of 1 litre per every 100 kilometres. The T-X also comes with adaptive suspension, an all-wheel-drive system, and a differential lock. T. The accurate overseas price is yet to be announced, so people wishing to buy a Jetour T-X SUV in the UAE might have to wait for a while.

The range is designed for all kinds of terrain and may include a sports mode. The product layout for Jetour SUV cars states that the manufacturer intends on launching a vehicle every year, such as SUV cars, pickups, and MPVs in China and abroad. including many from the T-X range. This will cause a lot of anticipation among the people who intend to buy new cars in the UAE.

Final thoughts

The next model of the T-X series is slated for launch in 2023. The same range will include a versatile lineup consisting of hardcore SUV cars, smart SUV cars, and high-end SUV cars. The T-X range will be a treat for people wanting new cars in the UAE due to its affordable but feature-dense cars.

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